1st webinar on assessment practices in training field

The International Youth Work Trainers Guild together with partners are developing an online service for professional development and appraisal of trainers. We are diving deeper to get to know some exciting practices of using 360º assessment as we are planning to use this approach in our online service for trainers.

On the 3rd May 2018, we hosted the 1st webinar to engage trainers community into conversations about the use of 360° assessment in trainers’ work. More than 25 people joined the webinar online. The webinar was broadcasted during the meeting hosted by the Pool of Trainers of the European Youth Forum.

Two speakers Agne Kvikliene and Darko Markovic were sharing their experiences related to trainers competence assessment.

Agne Kvikliene worked for the National Agency of Erasmus+ for the youth sector in Lithuania. During the webinar she shared experience and approach working with trainers pool by using “360-degree feedback/assessment” process. She introduce how they integrated and used this tool for the assessment of trainers and how it helped to make quality training. Agne shared several strengths and weakness of using “360 degree assessment”.

Digital recording of key ideas was made by Agne Rapalaite from VisualMind.lt


Darko Markovic who works as a trainer and a coach, shared his experiences with 360 assessments in the context of leadership development. The results of these assessments are often used as basis for training or coaching. Darko shared both perspectives, being as a participant in such process and as a coach in taking the results in the coaching process. In addition to this, he also shared his experiences of developing tools for 360 assessment.

Digital recording of key ideas was made by Agne Rapalaite from VisualMind.lt

Full webinar video is available for watching at any time:

Download notes of the webinar made collectively by participants.

This series of webinars is proudly brought to you in the frame of the KA2 Strategic Partnership project ‘AppRaiser: 360° professional development appraisal service for trainers‘ with the co-funding of Erasmus+.

Contact: appraisal@iywt.org